[Sic] – Short for ‘sic erat scriptum’, Latin for ‘Thus it had been written’, Read more:

Sic is a great literary device; you can put it in text that you are copying to prove that the errors aren’t your own, you can use it to point out other people’s mistakes or you can use it for wordplay. But what does it mean?

Sic is actually short for ‘sic erat scriptum’ which is latin for  ‘Thus it had been written’ so basically ‘That’s what it says’ and litteraly the ‘Sic’ part means ‘Thus’.

The use of the term [sic] has increased dramatically in the last 20 years, due in part, to its ability to be used to ridicule people. Some literary experts have even spoken out against it, believing it should only be used for its original purpose, to aid the reader, but those people make me sic [sic].


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