Sister – More than a friend… no that’s not what it means.

Sister a woman or girl in relation to other daughters and sons of her parents.

Ever see those cliche ‘A sister is…’ posts on social media’? You know, ‘A sister is more than a friend’, that kind of thing? Well in honour of it being national siblings day, and because I have a sister I thought I’d research what exactly a sister is… well, the word anyway.

Sister comes from the old English word ‘swuster’, which is from the Proto-Germanic word ‘swestr’, this, in turn, is from the Proto-Indo-European root ‘swesor’ made up of ‘swe” meaning  ‘to be one’s’ and  ‘ser’ meaning ‘woman’ so it’s basically ‘my own woman’, though, most people don’t think of sister’s in that way anymore.

Interestingly, sister is one of the most consistent words in all language, since it’s beginnings 6500 years ago, it has changed very little and today, it is a similar word in almost every language.


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