Mark – Boundaries dedicated to gods

Mark – To make a visible impression on. Where does the word come from, and does it have anything to do with the name?

The word mark, reached us via the Anglo-Saxons when they came when they came to Britain in around 400 CE, their word was ‘mearc’ which in turn, came from the proto-germanic ‘marko’, which, apart from being difficult to read without thinking ‘polo’, was their word for a mark, particularly referring to a boundary. The original root word for Mark is the proto-indo-european word ‘merg’.

So what about the name? The name ‘Mark’ is a shortening of ‘Marcus’ a Latin name which was a way of describing someone as dedicated to the god Mars.

So, there’s no connection between the two, and, as is often the case with English, the two words evolved separately into the same word.


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