WiFi – Wireless HiFi

WiFi – a wireless computer network.

The word ‘WiFi’ is ubiquitous in today’s society, it’s advertised in cafe windows, it’s at work, it’s even in our homes. But why on earth is it called WiFi?

WiFi is actually a trade name developed by a group called the ‘Wireless compatibility Alliance’ who were one of many organisations at the time attempting to establish and agreed on a standard for wireless communication.

The Organisation combined the term ‘wireless’ and ‘HiFi’. ‘HiFi’ is itself a shortened version of the phrase high-fidelity but the ‘Fi’ part of WiFi has nothing to do with fidelity, they just thought it sounded cool, and since it caught on, we can only assume they got that right.

Interestingly ‘high fidelity’ is a reference to an attempt to reproduce music with minimal losses.


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